Wednesday, February 29, 2012

and the walls were shaking...

We arrived at work this morning to the sound of jack hammers once again - and piles of books on the floor.

The hammer was breaking up the concrete just through the wall where the ramps that will link the existing library with Te Takere will be.  There is a small difference in the floor levels of the two buildings so the ramps will be essential to make access easy for everyone.  The library walls have bowed slightly which has popped some of our shelves off.  Such is the price of progress!

On our walk through the building today it was interesting to see the insulation on the ceiling and the attractive ceiling material that was being installed.  The ceiling panels are white corrugated material with small even holes.  I suspect that with the insulation and the perforated panels there should be no unpleasant echo inside the building.

Gib board is now being put up on the framing so it is easy to see how the meeting rooms and storage spaces are going to look.  The rooms seem to have quite generous proportions so we expect that they will be well used by many community groups or school classes.  Won't that be wonderful!


  1. Sign of will be alright!!

  2. Dust everywhere, but we don't mind! We know they are hard at work.