Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Working hard - high and low!

There is a huge range of trades people beavering away on the Te Takere site today.  Electricians, plumbers, ceiling installers, roofers, carpenters, concrete workers - you name it they are all there.

The REALLY deep footings for the new verandah posts have been dug and the steelwork is being fitted into place.  

We are looking forward to the lovely new glass veranda  Unlike the old verandah it should keep off the rain - and will have the added benefit of not blocking the light.

So top to bottom - there is much happening.
The windows have all completely gone from the west side of the building and there is a temporary wall in place to protect the inside.

Holes are being drilled through walls (It sounds a bit like a giant dentist in action) so that data cables can be run through from our server room.  This is a really delicate operation as the computer equipment is really sensitive.  The team on Te Takere have assured us that all care will be taken not to disrupt our computers.  This has happened once before (Not with this team) so we are a little bit nervous about it. 

However - the men on the job at present are really considerate - they even stopped the drilling for half an hour this morning so that we could still run our Toddler time session in comparative peace. Thanks guys!
And thanks for moving the bicycle rack to a convenient place for our customers - they really appreciate it and so do we.

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