Friday, September 28, 2012

Welcome to Te Takeretanga o Kura Hau-Po

Welcome to Te Takeretanga o Kura Hau-Po.

Our beautiful new living room for the people of the Horowhenua. Come on in and have a look around, see the fantastic services we have on offer. Tonight I am just going to give you a brief glimpse of the inside of Te Takere.  Above is the fiction section with the stunning woven sail and oar above, with the curved stairway heading up to the quiet area.

One of our many public internet areas dotted around the library.

A lovely non-fiction reading alcove. Note the series of local historical photos above the shelves.

Our great new self issuing machines.  If you need any help there will always be someone to help you issuing your items.  It feels wonderful to be finally working in this brilliant new environment, we have waited so long and now it is here! Join us as we celebrate our grand opening tomorrow morning.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Less than 3 days to go

The sails are up!  The vibrant colours are amazing and really set off the design.  Te Takere looks stunning at night with the floodlights shining on the sails.  I can't wait to start working in there.  The atmosphere inside is electric.  Everyone is fired up and ready to go.

Our new name is flying high above the verandas, subtly but distinctively welcoming all to our new living room.  Work has begun in the old library premises refitting and tidying up in preparation for the Youth Centre.

A taste of things to come...........

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The changing face of Te Takere

This is it! The last days of the old library premises, people rushing in to get last minute books to tide them over, walls being stripped of old photos of Levin and the heating failed again!


Slowly but surely the face of the old Levin library is morphing into Te Takere. 

White panels, the same as the car park side, are being fixed to the older building.

Boxes are being packed, old stock cancelled and staff re-trained.
 Library life will never be the same...see you on the other side!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Views by moonlight

Work progresses at an amazing speed with the builders weaving their magic on Te Takere.  

One beautiful moonlight night saw Ema passing by Te Takere and she was struck by how lovely it looked at night.  Ema quickly took a number off photos, two of which are included below. 

With all the lights on people are working late at night to have everything perfect for the opening.  The colours inside are contemporary but also very restful.  The new furniture in block colours will fit in well and they happen to be very comfortable!

Imagine how it will be with the construction work finished, gardens in, fences gone and the doors finally open to the public. (And yes there will be public toilets!).  The spectacular sails that will be on the veranda poles were tried out for size yesterday.   The new lift is also being worked on today.