Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Temporary offices

The library staff have now all been relocated to temporary premises until the new office suite is complete at Te Takere.  We are actually enjoying the lovely natural light.

Every available space is jam packed with library running essentials, even our volunteers are busy working in the temporary workspace.  Every effort has been made to reduce the amount of 'stuff' coming over from the old offices.  We want to make sure that only the best moves back into Te Takere.

 I love the wooden seating that matches the now complete decking of the outside waka sections.

A closeup shot of the anchor bolts that will hold the sails in place.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Five weeks (and a bit) to go!

Time is flying!  Not too long now.  Things are happenning every day.  The front of the old building is changing to resemble the new one with panels being placed over the old frontage.

The Chinese garden area is slowly being transformed from a boring corner to a relaxing one.  The walls are being painted to reflect the murals inside creating a wonderful outdoor room.

I can't believe that this was our old workroom downstairs.  Orginally this room was for the mobile library, then a loading bay, librarians office and soon will be the branch circulation area.

The view from the back of the new building showing where the small back garden set against large picture windows will add to the ambience of the quiet lounge.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Decking going in for the garden

The decking for the Chinese garden is taking shape between showers of rain.  Both sides of the pond will have the decking and be linked by a small bridge.  Imagine sitting out here on a sunny day drinking coffee and reading a book!

The outdoor walkway extending the full frontage of Te Takere is gaining more character with seating along the outside.  People will be able to sit along here resting or downloading the latest ebooks onto their ereaders even when the library is closed.

Also along the walkway are spotlights set into the ground which will light up the sails and the front of Te Takere at night.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Checking the new children's area

Deb and Wendy took the advantage of a visit to Te Takere to get an idea of the layout for the new children's area.  Deb was most interested due to being the new Children's Librarian.  Her initial reaction to the space is "Wonderful, exciting and can't wait!" 

The fantastic new Waka decking is in place with finishing touches going on in the next few days.  Once the gardens around it are finished it will look spectacular!

Our upstairs space continues with sanded and buffed floors showing the original wooden flooring from pre-Te Takere days.  This will be our new quiet space with no computers.  People will be able to sit and read, use Wi-fi or study.

The source of the noise next door in the old toilet block, work is progressing fast and ahead of time!  New beams have been fitted to the ceiling to strengthen it before being set up as computer suites.