Tuesday, March 6, 2012

And the verandah will be ....

With the poles up along the front of Te Takere now we can see the shape of how it will to look when the shade sales and the glass verandah have been put in.  The old building will be unrecognisable and I'm sure will become a landmark for our town.   The verandah will continue around into Bath street to tie the old library and the new area of Te Takere together.  This will really make the building stand out as folk are driving north along Oxford Street.

The lift shaft is being lined with concrete blocks - it still looks like a REALLY big hole!

The electricians are flat out installing wiring and the ceiling installation continues. 

Gib board is being attached to the walls of the  office and meeting spaces making them look bigger than ever.  I can just imagine local groups using these rooms for regular meetings or training sessions.  Perfect!
The gib around the meeting rooms is rated as sound proofing and the gib on the walls of the store room is fire rated.  

This morning I took two collegues onto the site with me.  Neither of them had been inside the building since work began.  They were blown away by the obvious progress as well.

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  1. Wow, it was amazing. They have done so much work. Most of which you can't see from the outside. It is all starting to come together. I am actually starting to be able to picture in my mind now how it is going to look.