Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New roof going up and old Verandah coming down!

The front of the old building looks very different without the verandah.  Now that the upper wall panels have gone you can visualise how the front will look when it is all window and the new glass verandah is in place.  So many bits are coming off and being replaced it's a bit like the proverbial axe with 3 new heads and 4 new handles!

It was all go with the arrival of the huge crane that was used to lift the new roofing materials up onto the top of the building.  It caused quite a stir in our workroom with the noise in the alley outside our windows.  It looked really tall once it was set up and ready to go and made short work of the heavy lifting.  It's good to know there will be a new roof.   The old roof panels were asbestos and had to be replaced.

I didn't get to explore the inside this week but the staff that did were most impressed with deep hole that the workings of our new lift will fit into.  Won't it be fantastic to have a real people lift to get people to the upper floors.  Especially since one of the lovely quiet places to hang out in town will be in the upstairs area of the new Te Takere centre.

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