Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Windows in Te Takere

What a sight seeing the Waka panels standing in a gentle curve leading into the centre of Te Takere.  The spaces are now more clearly defined.  Excitment is building as we look at where everything will fit in.  The returns area at the mall side of the new space is taking form and the wall has been painted.  Work installing the air conditioning ducts continues. 

Work on what will be the Chinese garden area outside has begun with concrete removed, however the actual garden can't be put in till work on the outside walls is completed.  What an amazing space it will be to relax and enjoy on a sunny day.

The top windows are now in place with the frames set in for the ones at the bottom front.  The idea is now to get the building fully enclosed before the weather really packs up. The plan for the next couple of weeks is to work across from one side to the other finishing of any woodwork needed so the flooring work can begin.

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