Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Now its really taking shape!

I've been on leave for a couple of weeks and Beth has been making the weekly visit to Te Takere.  I've been keeping an eye on this blog but it was great to go back in there today and see more amazing progress.

The outside of the building looks great now that the windows have been installed.  It's going to be lovely looking out on to the Chinese garden space.  At the moment it looks like a building site with lots of rubble but just imagine it by summer time...

With all of the waka panel frames up the space is divided into its main areas.  Now we can see just how big the central open space will be and start dreaming of the wonderful things we can do there.  The frames will be covered with lovely wooden panels to complete our dividing wall effect  In this shot the scissor hoist is in the centre of what will be a wide open space.

The wall murals are well under way - what a great way to disguise concrete blocks.  Using our lovely mountains as a theme and bringing them inside is inspired I think.  Wendy Hodder still has an enormous amount of painting to do but what she has done so far is great.

With glass in the windows and the walls of the office spaces the whole place feels lighter and bigger and it's pretty obvious from the wiring hanging down from the ceiling in the larger office space that it is going to be a well set up high-tech meeting room that will be an asset to our community

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