Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Let there be light!

We have been a little concerned that there might not be sufficient natural light inside Te Takere.  How wrong we were!  This morning, even though it isn't sunny the light poured in through the newly glazed windows.  The East lounge at the back of the building has one wall that is almost entirely glass.  What a lovely morning room that is going to be.

The murals on the wall look wonderful.  On the West side (carpark end) of the North wall the mural starts with sea birds, sand dunes and flax bushes.  then as we move Eastwards towards the rear of the building the mountains backdrop begins and the the silhouettes are bush and forest.  Just lovely.  We love the subtle colours too.

Some of the tall panels now have their beautiful timber facings.  These panels will all be able to have cases and/or screens installed in them for exhibitions or displays and are going to be a major feature once we open.  They also make great 'room dividers' which prevent the huge open space from becoming too overwhelming.

We are looking forward to having a purpose built space for book returns and for managing service for our Homelink users.

Framework for the Chinese garden is now coming along.  Now we can really see just how big this area is going to be.  So exciting!  It will be a lovely spot to sit and have lunch.

All I can say is roll on summer!

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