Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What a difference a week makes

Wow!  I say this every week but the progress next door is astounding.

The lift shaft is no longer a hole in the ground.  It looks so different that I hardly recognised it.  Won't it be great when wheelchairs and baby buggies can get upstairs with no trouble at all.

 We are planning to have the upstairs mezzanine as a quiet study area but I'm sure that people will want to just hang out there as it will be a very attractive space.  A real room with a view overlooking the rest of the library.

The painters are busy turning the steel trusses white which makes them almost disappear against the white ceiling.   Gets rid of the 'industrial look' of the wide open space very effectively.

This morning two collegues who have not visited the site for a while came with me.  We are very grateful to Mario and the team who allow us to wander about and take photographs, and who take the time to explain just what is going on.
It's always surprising how big rooms look once the walls have been clad - we are very happy with the way the spaces have been defined within Te Takere and every time we visit we come away bubbling with ideas of events and programmes we hope to run there.

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