Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Sweet Sound of Progress ...

... is a jackhammer

Never have library staff been so happy to put up with noise as we are this week. The jackhammer has been going non stop for 2 days and our only concern is for the poor guy on the end of it:)

Given that there is a double firewall with a still air gap between we weren't expecting it to be quite so loud - but it is!

Staff are looking quite spiffy in their earplugs, headphones and what ever else they are using to block out the worst of the noise. Here's a tip: audiobooks are your friend!

Visitors to the library are being absolutely brilliant and understanding and tolerant too. Thank you everyone. Hopefully this disruption is the worst of the demolition and it shouldn't go on for too much longer. Just imagine how wonderful the new facility is going to be :)

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