Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The walkway

As the tiling is progressing through Te Takere the personality of the new space is being revealed.  The soft grey of the open space tiles compliments the beautiful waka panels.  The panels are lovely, the wood grain enhanced by the vanish.  The panels define the space gently both enclosing and opening to the different areas of Te Takere.

Taking a walk along the curving pathway to the current library, the darker grey tiles will continue up the ramp into the older space leading the visitor from one end of Te Takere to the other.  I am amazed at the amount of light that is coming in to the building.


 The view upstairs looking out towards the carpark showing the extend of the tiles and the curve of the walkway passing through the centre.  Everything seems to be on or ahead of schedule and excitement is building.  This photo shows the tilers having morning tea and contemplating their work.

The Switch board room off the east lounge and lobby is all set to go.  One of my favourite places in Te Takere is going to be the East lounge area tucked away at the back of the building.  When we visited yesterday the morning sun was streaming through the large glass windows lighting up the area beautifully.  It's going to be a great spot to sit and read, especially with the view of the back garden.

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