Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Raining outside but there is still lots to do inside!

The bad weather doesn't seem to have stopped any progress - the guys inside are still working flat out.  When the outside work isn't possible they just get on with inside jobs.
The team are really pleased to have the lights inside working as it is a bit dark today!  It won't be long until all of the light fittings are fixed in place.

This week they hope to begin work on the timber sections of the floor that will deliniate the waka hulls

When the rain clears the big slab of concrete outside the grand entrance will be poured but first the lines of concrete representing the ropes securing the hulls of our waka will be tiled.

Inside there are long straight channels across the open space which will also be tiled to show where the mooring ropes are.

The pathway through the building seems to draw you from one side to the other.  I am sure once Te Takere is open many people will walk through as a pleasant short cut from Bath Street to the Mall entrance which will avoid having to walk through the car park - especially as they will be able to stop along the way for coffee or to read the paper.

Outside, despite the rain the Chinese garden is taking shape.

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