Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Painters working hard

Not so many scissor lifts in evidence today - most of the high stuff seems to be in place.  Today there were painters up high painting the air conditioning ducts white.  I am so pleased that we are avoiding 'industrial chic' by disguising the elements of the building that are less than beautiful!  I was never a fan of exposed steel beams and ducting so it's great to see ours fading into the high ceiling.

With most of the wall cladding up and the Potter system wall framing it's all looking great.

I can't wait to see the new staircase in place.  It is going to look fantastic.  This shot was taken from up on the mezzanine looking down to where it is lying on the floor next to the temporary stairwell.  You can see how the bottom section will flare out wider at the beginning.  I can just imaging the Miss Horowhenua contestants parading  beautifully down the stairs.
Or how about a wedding in Te Takere?  The imagination runs wild!

For a busy building site the whole area is remarkably clean.  Most of the building debris is cleaned up along the way and the floors are constantly swept of concrete dust.   Looking really good!

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