Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Can you imagine?

Now that the lovely curved staircase is in place it is easier to imagine a beautiful woman in evening wear sweeping down to a ball room.   I hope that we can have such events in Te Takere once it is open as the wide open space in the centre will make a fabulous dance floor.  Beth didn't quite fit the bill in her high vis vest and hard hat but I'm sure you get the picture!

Painters are still very busy coating the metal beams with fresh white paint.

The last of the wall cladding is being fixed.  As ever I am impressed with the tidy work practices being employed.  All of the potentially hazardous material that could be left lying about is being removed as soon as it can be so that there are clear safe spaces for people to work.  Having grown up with a builder for a Dad I know this was not the case on all building sites!

One more ramp just next to the new lift shaft on the ground floor is about to be concreted so that it will be easy for us to transport trolley loads of books or people in wheel chairs from one floor to another.

Framing is being installed to support the suspended ceiling in the storeroom.  There is still so much to do and much of it will be invisible once the building has been completed but steady progress is being made.

Beth couldn't resist ducking in to the cupboard under the stairs and pretending she was Harry Potter.  The design of the building means that every bit of possible storage space has been claimed - we are really looking forward to having places to put things so that we no longer have desks with boxes stacked under and around them!  There won't be much room for poor Harry in the cupboard.

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