Thursday, January 19, 2012

Now it's really starting to happen!

Most of the internal demolition has been completed and most of the necessary concrete cutting has been done - so the noise should subside a bit from now on.  Our long suffering neighbours in the Levin Mall have had the worst of it and will be pleased when the new concrete block firewall has been completed as this should muffle a lot of the sound.

The builders have had to put in a temporary staircase so that they could get up to the mezzanine floor to work.

Now that the space up there is opened up it seems enormous.  What a great place to hang out it's going to be.

The panels above the verandah facing the car park have been removed and I'm told that early next week the verandah itself will come down to make work on the front of the building easy.  It's so light inside now!

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