Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Fixing the roof gutter and extending the front columns

Lots of activity next door this morning.  The concrete block wall between Te Takere and the Levin Mall is almost complete - that should dampen down the noise inside the Mall from now on.

Most of the activity is up high - the roof gutter replacement meant someone on the outside on the roof as well as inside up on scissor jack platform.

The guys are working flat out to replace the roof gutter in the centre of the roof.  The old gutter had to be removed because it was asbestos.   What a job!  High up on the scissor jacks to reach the work area.

Some of the partitions for the new meeting rooms and office spaces are now going up and the pre-made frames are all in the centre of the building waiting to be erected.  It is all taking shape quite quickly.

At the Car park side the upper windows have all been removed and the concrete columns are being extended to the new ceiling height.  It's going to look great when the whole front wall is floor to ceiling glass.

Most of the work this week will be done inside so the weather should make very little difference to progress.

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