Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Views by moonlight

Work progresses at an amazing speed with the builders weaving their magic on Te Takere.  

One beautiful moonlight night saw Ema passing by Te Takere and she was struck by how lovely it looked at night.  Ema quickly took a number off photos, two of which are included below. 

With all the lights on people are working late at night to have everything perfect for the opening.  The colours inside are contemporary but also very restful.  The new furniture in block colours will fit in well and they happen to be very comfortable!

Imagine how it will be with the construction work finished, gardens in, fences gone and the doors finally open to the public. (And yes there will be public toilets!).  The spectacular sails that will be on the veranda poles were tried out for size yesterday.   The new lift is also being worked on today.

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