Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Starting upstairs

It is hard to believe that in nine or ten short weeks we will be in Te Takere.  It will be worth the wait to move into our exciting new place. 

Work has begun on the children's library side putting through a new door into Te Takere, all the non-fiction books against the wall have been moved so the builders can set up another "pod" to construct a fire proof door.

At the moment the veranda in front of the current library is getting a makeover with old panelling being pulled down. 

The view from the newspaper reading section of the library is quite surreal with scaffolding across the windows.

The brilliant new strip lighting is blazing its way across Te Takere. 

So!  This is what's happening behind the fiction shelves.  A curved tunnel with a firedoor will extend into the current library space. 


And it's finally happening, the outside waka walkways are being finished off with lovely wooden strips.

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